The Face Off Between Dodgers and Giants

On Wednesday Night Baseball at 10 ET ESPN or Watch ESPN. Los Angeles Dodgers still have to play a home field against San Fransisco Giants in the National League Division Series. Los Angeles Dodgers have the wrapped up title of National League West. This home field is actually important for Dodgers. On Tuesday night, Dodgers’ win over the Giants. They clinched appearance of third consecutive postseason. Their first times in franchise history have been marked by them just in the three years in a row. Click for more info.

New York Mets have been trailed by the Dodgers on Wednesday. There is an advantage for the one game in the race for home-field. This advantage will be in their upcoming division series matchup. The New York Mets have virtue of winning the season series 4-3 tiebreaker. The advantage of having a home field will become a major boost for the Dodgers. The second-best home record in the major leagues at 52-26 (.667) already had by the Dodgers when they entering play on Wednesday. On that game just the St. Louis Cardinals team were better with 55-26. On the road this season, The Dodgers just get 36-43 (.456). It also become a guarantee that Dodgers to be the only the NL playoff team to in having a sub-.500 road record. That is not surprisingly because in the National League there are other four playoff teams that have the four best road records.

The Dodgers’ have .211 winning percentage differentials between road games and home games. They only trail the Houston Astros (.265 differential) in all of baseball and that is the biggest in the National League. The Dodgers scored 5-2 at home and 1-6 on the road in their last two postseason appearances. Mike Bolsinger will be sent by the Dodgers to the mound on Wednesday night. The good started have been made by Bolsinger. He gets 5-3 with a 2.83 ERA in 16 starts on July 29. More than four runs in a start have been allowed by him only once in that span.

Alex Wood and Mat Latos have acquired by the Dodgers at the trade deadline and they send Bolsinger to the minors. He has not same standard performed since him returning. The Dodgers’ rotation in four starts since returning, he get 1-2 with a 6.88 ERA. In a game, he also failed to go more than five innings. At least the three earned runs in all four of his starts have been allowed by him.

The home runs at a much higher rate have been allowed by him. That is the difference in Bolsinger’s statistics that most noticeable since he came back from the minors. He also allowed three home runs in 89 innings and home run to 0.8 per cent of batters faced from April through July. Seven home runs in 17 innings have been allowed by him in September. This is one shy of the most in the majors this month. That month also have highest rate among pitchers and that equates to 8.1 per cent of batters faced.

Serena’s decision to withdraw should be aware

Serena Williams finally decides to withdraw on 2015 and it can become an awful smack to the WTA. However, if Serena is not careful with her decision or if she is just not lucky this time, it may create an even wider strike over her own legacy.
If we back to see what is going on to her in this season, Serena certainly pounded and slashed her own way over the Grand Slam’s calendar. Pundits and also critics then line up to name and place her as the Greatest Player of All time.
Despite the fact that Serena had not yet completed the Grand Slam, which actually made her as one of the members of the most elite one among all of the club including other three females member of five members in complete such as Margaret Court, Maureen Connolly Brinker and Steffi Graf. Serena Williams also had a chance to match Steffi Graf’s record in Open era with 22 Grand Slam victory titles. Then, by locking down the title of US Open, she is only one title behind Graf.
So then, now Serena is improbable to join Court and Graf as Grand Slammer. Then, that may make one question on mind, what happen is she also does not get her 22nd major? Well, certainly we will think about it again. We may say that Serena Williams is actually the greatest player of all the time, but let’s say that each generation may have different way of thinking and also different eyes to see it. Then, the next generation must see this point mostly by seeing the statistics.
Everyone may suggest that Williams can get this title. According to Patrick Mouratoglou who is her confidant and coach, he said that he does not have any doubt that the motivation is going to be there and going forward and there is also no doubt that she will become the same Williams. He also said that it is not the time to doubt that her age can be the one that is going to affect her. He said that, she still has many time left.
We perhaps cannot say that the age will become the indicator to judge a player performance. However, to be realistic, this factor is actually counted. In this case, if we are talking about Williams, it should be the dominant factor that make this year become really bad for her career. We should remember that we may a Grand Slam winner, but there will be the time soon to make us realize that we are not the winner anymore.
Let’s see another icon of Grand Slam, Roger Federer. He is actually 34 and it just the same with Serena Williams, and then similar with her too, he cannot win majors. It is certainly difficult for player who considered in his old career to get fit.  Well, Federer is certainly aware about that, as now he plays for a kind of balanced schedule. He takes some times and periods to off, and then he plays exactly in the late fall.

Serena Williams Is Not Yet Write Off

Several years ago, when she was likely more interested in a concept to be a thrilling Serena Williams, many people may thought that Serena actually did not care about tennis. However, after a kind of big news appears in the late Thursday which said that she will withdraw for this 2015 season, it becomes a prove that in the way to turn to 34, she probably cares it too much.
After losing from an Italian tennis player, Roberta Vinci, in the last semifinals of US Open late September, Serena saw that her breathtaking suddenly run in the Grand Slam’s calendar-year. Then, because of this decision, it will also end the 33 straight of run major victories in single. Well, she confirmed this decision on the website of China Open.
According to Serena, she said that it is certainly no secret that she had played this year with most injured, whether it was her elbow, her knee, or her heart like she had felt in the final times of certain match. Of course, it was too dramatic but it was true.
Certainly, Serena seemed like had broken spirit since she lost to Roberta Vinci. One of the statements that are obviously true in the WTA Tour today said that it was only Williams that can beat Williams. Well, it was actually the first in her career to be beaten by set wins by number one of American tennis player.
In her Grand Slam experience, Serena had won straight four singles victory for twice; however, it was never in one season. In the 2002-2003, she had a chance to make it, but then she had to lose to Justine Henin, a Belgian tennis player, in the French Open’s semifinals. Then, this year, Serena came to New York city with the same chance to be the first player, both for man and woman, to get all of the majors titles in the same season since it had been done by Steffi Graf in 1988, but she should postpone her chance to be reality again.
While everyone including her mother and also her coach said that it can be a kind of pressure for her, Serena repeatedly said that it was not true that she felt any pressure when she on the court. In her post match press conference, she said that she did not like to talk everything about how disappointing this situation for herself and she would be happy if other may give another question that is not about this point.
Actually, this year is not that disappointing for her career since she still can clinch her position as the number one in the end of this season. However, the fact that she could not catch the big opportunity in front of her in the WTA Finals and also China Open must be somehow disappointing. Well, she will miss the China Open games that will begin on Saturday in Beijing and also the final championship of WTA in Singapore. It must be a big loss in the women’s tennis this season.

Serena Williams decides to withdraws from WTA Finals and China Open

It must be big news in the WTA and also China Open that Serena Williams decided to withdraw from the finals season since she wants to heal herself after playing with injuries the entire year. Having two wins in completing the Grand Slam’s calendar year of US Open, he then decide to take proactive way and withdraw from both of WTA Finals and China Open which is held in Singapore and Beijing so that she can heal herself from injury properly as well as to get her fit again.
She said that there is no secret anymore that she had played trough injuries on most of this year, whether it was her knee, her elbow, or even her hearth after the last moments in a particular game in Flushing. She actually knew that it was so difficult to make this decision, but it was actually chosen just because she loves the game that she plays through many years.
In this year, Williams actually has won three tournaments including the French Open, the Australian Open and also the Wimbledon. However, she should missed the chance to become the first player of the world who win four majors in a certain season since 1988 because she has to lose in the US Open semifinals when play against Roberta Vinci.
Micky Lawler, the WTA president also gave his argument in the case of Williams’ decision. He expected that the first priority of Serena must be her health. He said that it was the real world for athlete to get the risk of injuries and now Serena is facing her risk as a tennis player. The, he added that all of the parts of Beijing and also Singapore is going to miss Serena in the court and they will wish her to can be recovered quickly.
Actually, Serena has planned to return to the game as well as to practice and also to participate in exhibition plays this year. Moreover, Serena, who is only lost in three singles games this year, believes that if she can do it, she is going to focus, focus, and focus so that she will be able to continue her journey to the beautiful matches like she has ever faced before.
Well, it is actually not a kind of disappointing year for Serena since she has a kind of good achievement this year. Serena who is now 34 years old is now only one title left by Steffi Graff’s Grand Slam titles in total 22 titles and then only three titles behind 24 record of Margaret Court. Then, with her result in Open championship this year, she has already clinched the ranked one in this year-end.
As her coach said that he does not have any hesitation that Serena will get her own motivation to be the winner for other Grand Slams and also to reach higher records. However, it must be too painful for her to be two games away from getting something big to happen. That’s why it will need time to recover.

BYU Hardest September

The news comes from the BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall. He was in the reflective mood recently and in the first afternoon in this October. He said that “its was a really good thing after a tough September and no one will forget the BYU.”
This season is really something for BYU and of course it can be the most amazing season for them, and also makes the couch always feels dizzy in his head. But, in this 2015 season every team seems likes their don’t start this season at all, because this season worth by substance into one wild month. The embarrassment and also the elation about the cougars experienced of adulation and also adversity, makes the recent September be a very tough months and of course it also affect to everyone on the league. And they also witness their star to fall again like Tayson Hill and also this time we will introduced you with someone who also falling behind Tenner Manguin.
Maybe its not something that really important for some people but, for the team its really important thing that can gives a bad effect to the team itself. So, the couch says that this season on the September was something that he never really wanted. But, yeah. We see our star fall again and of course its really affected to the team. But, right now its done and everything its fine.
“its really nice when he’s back on the yard line again.” The UCLA defensive coordinator also says that magnum brought the BYU to the bruins. Its what Tom Bradley said as the UCLA coordinator defensive. The same thing also ever happen in Nebraska. When he thrown the Hail Mary. And also Tom said “Are you kidding me? Is this really unbelievable or what?”
The unbelievable words is one of the very good word to describe the BYU September, because its really strange and really broken hearted. And also many people really disappointed about what happen on them on September. So, its means its really affected on the team.  And of course the right question to open up with Mendenhall is “how you holding up?” in the October 1st. Its a really simplest question that really fits to Mendenhall situation.
Mendenhall Answer it with a very confident answer like “We’re good and we still standing right in the sun.” Mendenhall said with laugh in his lips. “when we talks about ups and down, and what the glimpse into the ultimate joy, and fighting for independence and also inclusion at the very highest level of the consideration in the college football.”
And maybe this can be our very hard September, but we will rise as the sun and of course this could be our friendly October. And I believe it. So, we can start this months with confidence and also we will rise again like a stars in the night skies.
So, we are all hope that the BYU can keep up with the other teams in this months to keep them can play as good as they used to. So, we hope the best for the BYU in this October.

Jury Selection Completion in Nightclub Case of Sefolosha

There were six juries asked to have assembly for determining whether Thabo Sefolosha was found guilty. He was somehow involved in a confrontation in nightclub of Manhattan which had led him into unfortunate situation. In near future, it will be decided whether he could escape the governmental administration as he was arrested because of misuse of power (from police arresting him). It is important to know that anything bad was easy to come for him as racism is still out there. The case of Sefolosha is probably a strong case related to racial issue and it should be clarified for the sake of justice.
The statement for opening is arranged for Tuesday morning. It is then followed the trial in the end of the week. The location for the trial will be in Manhattan Criminal Court until there is something unexpected happens in future. No one knows. For the trial, the defense attorney believed that Sefolosha was completely innocent. That is why, Alex Spiro asked for the juries believe that he was not guilty and should be freed from charges against him. Indeed, it was not an easy task as always. However, the chance is supposed to be good for Sefolosha.
He is trying to proof that everything had happened had nothing to do with him. He did not exactly to react after the crime, and that was what brought him into arrest. However, he was presumed to be innocent as no crime had been committed by him. Moreover, it is important to know that the arrest was done by white policeman. Since Sefolosha is black, it really could change the decision for the policeman to just arrest him because of his race. “…but NY client is black,” was the Spiro as defense attorney said in the court. This kind of case has been around, and it is somehow problematic as racist basically still exists and it still makes other party suffers.
Since it is presumed that the case is because of racist, the jurors consist of black woman and man too. According to The Network Times, the trial will be conducted fairly by bringing up black jury for determining this case. In addition to jurors, there will be some police officers who will be asked related to this issue. The 6 officers will be the witness of prosecution, and it is completed by assistant district attorney. There was a proposal made by Spiro for giving personal record of 5 officers. However, the Judge denied that idea.
This guy is basically quite unfortunate. After not being able to continue playing basketball because of injury, he is now faced with this charge. Because of accident happening to his girlfriend and another lady, he did not want to police to investigate the crime scene by being aggressive. After that point, he was accused to harm police officers, and it was not like that presumably. That way, he insisted to clear his name for being a criminal by going on trials as Spiro explained.

James, Keeping the 23 for the Real Match

LeBron James is known as great player in basketball, and it is always great to see him doing attraction on that sleek and slippery basketball field. Last game was also great as he scored six points in very unique way on annual Wine and Gold scrimmage of Cleveland Cavalier on Monday. However, there was another thing that makes everything even more intruding and interesting to take a look. It is also related to number six, and it is somehow a worthy information to note. It is because James wore no. 6 uniform while he actually was supposed to have another number for him.

It is true that this number is definitely not something new for him as he also wore the No. 6 jersey in other seasons. He wore that number in Miami for four seasons which were not a short time frame for letting go this number. In addition, in 2008 and 2012, he also wore that in Olympics, making this number quite special for him. Though he did not wear this number in Athens Games in 2004, this number is somehow closely related to LeBron James. He actually wore number 9 which can be transcribed as reversed 6, and it somehow makes him associated with number 6 regardless what he wore.

Though ‘6’ has been associated with him, he declared that he would not wear that number. Instead, he wanted to pick No. 23 for his jersey. Cavs really did not care about what James wears because it does not have great contribution to team winning. That is probably the reason why James will freely wear it. Though he was really interested in number 23 that always accompanies him in previous matches, he did not want to wear that in the practice. When interviewed, he explained that he was comfortable wearing number 6, and that was it. That was the reason why he really wanted to play the practicing game using this number.

The team of James lost to Gold team 55-49. The Wine was lost because of performance of Quinn Cook contributing 13 points in the game. Going back to the jersey number, there was also another person who loved to chance jersey number for playing and practicing. He was Deion Sanders. He practiced the basketball by wearing number 2 jersey as it is his lucky number in Florida State University. However, when he had to play the real games, he would change the number into 21. James commented on this fact by simply saying “it’s like that”.

Previously Sanders wore another different number i.e. 37. He wore this number in NFL career against teams in final in Baltimore. However, he started to practice with 2 as his number afterwards. Going back to the James, he actually had made a question to his fans related to numbers for being worn in game. After some time, he revealed his decision by expressing that we are still family 6 as caption mentioning 23 as official number for the game.

Knowing Nadal’s Best Interest

Rafael Nadal successfully won his third title at the ATP tournament this year. The third title in the event gained ATP Hamburg Open 2015 after conquering the Italian tennis player Fabio Fognini 7-5, 7-5. Nadal brought the number of ambition when dealing with Fognini in the final round, Sunday, August 2, 2015. Among them; improved its ranking is now slipped to 10th in the world order, avenge two defeats Fognini, and finally restoring its status as “king of clay”. ATP Hamburg known to be held on clay.

Nadal finally fulfilled ambitions. Although his performance was not too impressive, Nadal won the duel contra success Fognini well as pay two defeats from 32 world ranked tennis player was in Rio de Janeiro and Barcelona. This is the second Open Trophy Hamburg Nadal won after a champion in 2008. It became the third title for Nadal in this year. Earlier, former world number one won the ATP tournament in Stuttgart and Buenos Aires. Overall this was the 67th title in his career Nadal or 47th on clay. This success Nadal certainly adds confidence to get up and return to the ranks of the world elite tennis players.

Tennis player Rafael Nadal did not want to retire. He asserted that to answer doubts tennis lovers worldwide continue to see The King of Clay slump this year. In 2015, this Nadal again showed less encouraging results. The four Grand Slam tournaments are can not without a title in its path. Even his world ranking had already knocked out of the top three and is ranked seventh in the world.

“I do not know. I do not know if I can win a grand slam title again. I actually still believe can achieve it again. But I do not know when it will happen. But I will try,” said Nadal as reported.

“I will work hard to create many chances next year. I will be back, relax and control your emotions again. If it can do, sure I can achieve what is so hopeless. I’m trying to get the level of my tennis again,” continued the Spaniard it.

Nadal sure if the condition is excellent 100 per cent and could overcome his mental problems, he could return to fight and compete. “It was a tough year in every respect because I played with anxiety, especially at the beginning of the season. Now it’s feeling better, though not 100 per cent. Approaching the 100 per cent fit and I enjoy it”

Catch 7 surpass rival Roger on the record book have been hunted by Nadal. This year, the record book came to screeching. If he will ever rise to a major occasion again then he’s  not the first struggling champion. Even some of his staunchest supporters already left him by shaking their hands. He is the first person who is expressing his misgivings. Champion who is feel fear probably have the big win in them, usually is react in one of two ways. The will go silent of stomp and storm around.

The Very Legit Candidate of MVP Cam Newton

Now it’s the time to relax and also focus. On early and still under radar from the candidate of MVP, because Carolina Panther the quarterback that also known as the Cam Newton has get the attention. But, still no signal caller now has accomplished more efforts with less than Cam Newton. The whose signature about Superman celebrations seems really legit and really particularly appropriate these day.
And of course we’ll see who will get the MVP for this season. and of course many football lovers will really wait for this moment. And also which players that will get this prestige award. So, maybe Panthers and also Newton will be rival this time to get the MVP award. And what do you think that will get the award?
Ryan Clark said during the interview. “he’s really playing at a very high end level and its really good so, of course its makes him one of the most legit player that could get the MVP.” Ryan Clark is the analyst on the ESPN and of course he really knows about the good and also bad players. And also Ryan said “he’s making a good throw, decision and also he always running and picking up with the right time and always doing the good thing when he played in the field. And of course Cam is playing MVP football right now.” And that what the Ryan Clark said during the interview earlier.
For many people Cam Newton is one of the good player that played really well in the field and of course he always give the best for his team and that’s why he is one of the very legit candidate. And he still under the radar of the MVP. And they still watch him to show the best and it’ll makes him be a very perfect candidate. And we just need t wait for the best day for the MVP to announce the award for the Cam Newton.
The MVP still see the best from Cam Newton and still wait for the next match to decide he really worth it or not. So, what do you think? Is he really worth with the MVP or not? And of course there are also many candidate that will be the rival for Cam Newton. And of course this season can be the very good and also very best season of all football history. And we are all wait for the best to happen.
So, what do you think about it? Is he really worth it or not? MVP is the most prestige awards for the sport, because it’s only given to the good and also amazing player. Many players that compete to each other to get this MVP awards and of course not all of them will get the MVP awards.
Cam Newton can be the good players that MVP looking for to run the new history in the MVP lists. So, is he will get it or he won’t get it? Maybe we need to wait a little longer about that.

Rivals Talk about Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper is a valuable player to Washington National team on this year. On 3rd September when he against Atlanta Braves, Harper who is outfielder with 22 years old took his fourth season in this big league. He also becomes a clear front runner for National League MVP. He led 15-1 for Nat’s team. Four runs and driving have been scored by him. He walked four times and came to the plate four times. Twenty pitches have been seen by him.

Freddy Freeman who is Braves first baseman said that, “Harper absolutely reminds be about Barry Bonds. 70 home runs not hit by him. He is just taking his walks again and again. When he gets one pitch, he hit it. He is doing it every single day. That is an incredible match to watch,” On 5th September, when Harper against Ross Detwiler, he get 3-0. The right down the middle have been taken by him in the next pitch. “Finally I know that he hits double when he got the pitch in the middle. After he hit a backdoor, he cut off Shelby Miller”, Freeman said.

Rich Schu who is coach of National Hitting also said that, “In the first time I got him, I was still become a minor league coordinator for the team. Rookie ball to Triple A have been roved by me. When I saw him taking his first swings in the probably, I know if he is a special player.” Schu also continued that Harper is injury free man. Harper is always playing so hard. This year he has not had nagging injury. “What he is doing right now is like he wants to control all the strike zone. When he gets to the big leagues, he always tries to do it much. In the other side, when spring is coming, he just want to relax and try to let the game come to him,” Schu said.

Braves Manager, Fredi Gonzales also give comments to Harper. “A year ago, he got 3-0 just by taking couple of groundouts. It is just unbelievable. He can expand his strike zone and swing everything on it. He locked into it and he absolutely sustains it. When Harper come to Washington and play for the first game, a couple pitches have been thrown by him before he swings it.” He added, “Actually, come into baseball arena at 19 years old is not easy, but Harper makes it. This young man already grows up and become mature person.”

Seeing his rivals opinion, Bryce Harper said, “I am just I am. I come to this baseball from zero to hundred. I hope I can stay in this world many games as I can. When the game is on, I just try to do my best for my team. I always trust and give faith to all people in behind me. I am not different with another player. I think this is what all players want for their career. I just feel like I have to play as hard as I can.