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The Zapkut ZK From Sagetech vertical panel saw

I bought this vertical panel saw and thought I should review the saw and company

I picked up the saw from the manufactures, not the people who were selling the saw, if I had it deliver to their facilities I would have had a £300 delivery charge.

This was purchased on a lease, so you have to sign the lease to say its in perfect condition
I started to put it together, as it is a flat pack vertical panel saw.

1.    Instructions are not very helpful, they are out of date and are very confusing. I would say they were Chinese, but they are not
2.    There were nuts and bolts missing
3.    The back panels are not made to the correct size and do not fit properly.
4.    The Dewalt saw does not operate properly, I was told that I had to do back to Dewalt with any warranty issues
5    There are two plastic nuts that sets the saw hight and keeps it in the desired position, one of these was incorrect thread and would not tighten up properly
I called the company he asked me what size it was, I told him I do not know, he said they had two sizes, I asked him to send me both of them, as they were 20p bolts.
Then when they arrive I replaced it only to find it didn't ditch either, so I called the company, the said I should retap the tread, I was not comfortable in doing this as this is a brand new saw, it should be his job to make sure the saw was fit for the purpose he sold it to me, he said he would charge to send an engineer out to do it. So what i had to so was to get a stainless steel bolt the same size as the plastic bolt get a few turns in the thread, and then get a socket set and tighten it up to cut a new thread in it.
6.    When you plug the saw lead in to any power supply, the lead is not long enough to travel the length of the saw, so you have to extend the lead which came on the saw, in order to cut from one end of the table to the other.
7.    The timbers on the table bed are not predrilled and you have to drill them out to make them fit.
8.    The there are not enough bolts to fit the timber rests.
9.    The backing boards are not the correct size, some fit and others do not fit correctly, due to the saw design.

Overall a pretty poor saw after spending almost £4000. If I had of paid cash for the saw I would have sent it back, but as I had signed the lease, I couldn't as I was in contract for this as I had signed to say it was in perfect order on delivery. I would not recommend this company, due to my own personal experiance
Hope this puts people in the picture
Vernon Purcell